Welcome2EP – guidance to immigrants

Welcome2EP provides guidance and help to immigrants. From their website or by contacting them, you can get:

  • Information about living in Finland, Finnish culture and learning Finnish language 
  • Guidance and help with official services (police, Kela, TE-office, tax-office) 
  • Help with the services offered by municipalities/cities (childcare, education, healthcare) 
  • Information about working life and leisure time activities in Finland  

Furthermore, Welcome2EP helps immigrants to find their own place in the society. All services are free, and the service languages are Finnish, English and Hungarian. Translation for other languages is available.

You can find more information about Welcome2EP’s services and living in Finland here: https://www.welcomeoffice.fi/en/south-ostrobothnia/kuortane/

If you would like know more about residence permits and citizenships for example, please take a look at Finnish Immigration Service’s site.

Welcome2EP immigration coordinator in Kuortane 

Maria Kaijankangas

Email: maria.kaijankangas@alavus.fi 

Phone: 0505700111